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What is SoapInventory?
Soap Inventory is a hosted web solution to track Inventory, Stock, Sales, Recipes and more.
My software was designed to be simple and easy to use for small and medium size home businesses. However it's open to anyone in the bath and body community (Soaps, Bath Bombs, Candles, Body Butters etc). You can use Soap Inventory on a Mac, PC or any computer with a web browser (including iPad).

I wrote a simple version of this software for my candle retail shop back in 2014. It was designed to track fragrance levels so I knew when to reorder stock. Since then I have redesigned this database a number of times to gather more information to help my soap making business. I am now offering this web solution to the public at no cost.. That is correct, Soap Inventory is 100% FREE to use. I have made this FREE because I love the Bath and Body community. I know many businesses need a solution like this and I am happy to help them.

However, if you would like to help me with the costs of Web Server, Bandwidth and upgrades - I have setup a Patreon account to accept Donations. The funds will be used to order larger web servers so more people can use my Awesome software.

-Dean Wilson
Programmer & Owner

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